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2016 Conference Materials

Location: Washington DC

August 24-27, 2016

Register here for the 2016 ICSOM Conference.

The 54th ICSOM Conference will be held at the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington DC, and hosted by the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra and the DC Federation of Musicians, Local #161-710 AFM.

Anyone interested in attending the conference should contact the ICSOM Secretary, Laura Ross. Conference materials will be mailed to delegates and guests in late May 2016.

Conference information and materials will also be posted on the 2016 Conference site.


2016 ICSOM Conference Agenda
2016 ICSOM Conference announcement
Conference dates, hotel and numerous sightseeing links are included.
2016 Conference Information - May 2016
Includes welcome letter, hotel information, 1st draft agenda, and more.

Other Links

Opening Address to the 2016 ICSOM Conference
Bruce Ridge, Chair
Travel plannning website
Created specifically for the 2016 ICSOM conference.

Cleveland Orchestra

Rob Woolfrey Musical Rainbow
Photo credit: Roger Mastroianni