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2015 Conference Materials

Location: Philadelphia, PA

August 26-29, 2015

The 53rd ICSOM Conference will be held at the Sonesta Philadelphia Hotel in Center City and hosted by the Philadelphia Orchestra and Local #77 AFM.

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Philadelphia Mayor congratulates ICSOM as 2015 ICSOM Conference opens in Philadelphia
Welcome Letter from Philadelphia Orchestra and Local 77
2015 ICSOM Conference Draft Agenda - 8/21/15 (subject to change)
Proposed ICSOM Bylaws changes - Elections
new language regarding the election process that will be acted on Wednesday at the Conference
2015 ICSOM Resolutions
Alphabet Soup of acronyms
We use a lot of acronyms at the Conference; here is a "cheat sheet" to understand what and who we'll be talking about - ICSOM, ROPA, SSD, IEB...
2015 Conference Attendees
From the Conference Organizer
Things to do, places to eat
Restaurant recommendations
Conference hotel transportation and document URL information
Sonesta Philadelphia Hotel reservation information
Tuesday afternoon hospitality event information
instructions to register with Broad Street Ministries for the voluntary service event

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Carnegie Hall
Photo credit: Richard Termine/Metropolitan Opera