Current News

  • ICSOM is pleased to announce that Stephen Laifer is the new host of our monthly video series Musician Profiles: Celebrating Racial Diversity for the 2023-24 season. Read more here.

  • This month the Jacksonville Symphony will begin its inaugural Jazz Concert series. Read more here.

  • The Detroit Symphony feels the wind at its back as subscribers return after pandemic drop-off. Read more here.

  • Daniel Song has been appointed Interim CEO of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Read more here.

  • The New Jersey Symphony announces their 2023 Edward T. Cone Composition Institute composers. Read more here.

  • ICSOM will be offering a scholarship for Underrepresented Musicians to attend the Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI). Read more here.

Of Continuing Interest

  • ICSOM is pleased to publish a video with highlights from the opening day of our 60th annual conference, held in Grand Rapids MI. Click here to view.

  • ICSOM's monthly video series Musician Profiles: Celebrating Racial Diversity features one-on-one interviews with our ICSOM Musicians of Color, their experiences, and how they view the need for racial diversity within our orchestras. Read more here.

  • Pension Fund Information:
    Register on the AFM-EPF website "Participant Portal" to access your Pension Fund information. For assistance call the Fund Office at 1-800-833-8065, x1295. Visit website.

  • The ICSOM Directory is now searchable online. Current and Emeritus members must sign in to access this service, which can be found under the REFERENCE tab, or click here.

Featured Orchestra Musicians:

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Photo Credit: (c) Drew Altizer Photography

Featured Video:

60th Annual ICSOM Conference Opening Day Highlights