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An ICSOM "Call to Action" for assistance to the musicians of the Atlanta Symphony
From the ICSOM Governing Board

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you are all no doubt aware, the musicians of the Atlanta Symphony have been locked out by their management as of midnight on September 7, an act even more egregious because it is the second time in two years. The musicians are taking a courageous stand to protect their organization and preserve the investment that the citizens of Atlanta have made in their historic orchestra for 70 years. We have all followed the press accounts of this negotiation and seen the destructive proposals by management that would permanently alter the ability of the organization to serve and best represent its community.

It is essential that the musicians of ICSOM respond whenever and wherever our members are in need. It is through our united network of orchestras that we can effectively articulate that a move against one of us is a move against all of us. In this way, we will demonstrate to all of our managements that our communities deserve positive stewardship of their cherished cultural institutions.

The musicians of the Atlanta Symphony need our financial support. We ask, and encourage, all the orchestras of ICSOM to consider making a financial donation to the cause. A donation from your treasury, or a collection taken by the members of your Players' Association, would be of great assistance. We are confident that all of the musicians in our ICSOM orchestras are eager to stand with their colleagues in Atlanta.

Wherever an orchestra is in trouble, let us all respond. Wherever a musician is in need, let us all respond. Wherever a negative image of the arts is produced, let us answer with a positive message of hope. As they hear our music, let them also hear our voices.

Let this serve as another "Call to Action" for our membership. What happens in Atlanta will affect us all. If we effectively respond to every Call to Action, we will demonstrate the power in collective action. We can and will make a powerful statement to our managements and boards as we work to spread the positive community message of the musicians of ICSOM.

Checks can be made out to: ASOPA

Please send the donations to:

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players' Association (ASOPA) 953 Rosedale Rd. NE Atlanta, Georgia 30306

In solidarity,
Bruce Ridge, chair
International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM)

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