2018 Conference Materials

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

August 22-25, 2018

Some conference presentations and handouts may require additional login.

Presentations and support documents available to ICSOM members and Emeritus members:
Orchestras of Note; Nashville Symphony Violins of Hope list of events; 401K/403B & how best to use your broker (incl. Kansas City CBA language); Diversity panel presentation by Jessica Schmidt; Todd Jelen Solidarity through Orientation presentation

Presentations and support documents available only to ICSOM Delegates/Alternate Delegates/Orchestra Committee Chairs:
Debbie Newmark presentation on OC responsibilities under the IMA & Rochelle Skolnick Sexual Harrassment in the Symphonic Workplace

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2018 ICSOM Conference Hotel Chosen for Cincinnati, OH


Resolutions Adopted at the 2018 ICSOM Conference
2018 ICSOM Chairperson's Address
Meredith Snow's address to the 2018 ICSOM Conference
President's Address
Paul Austin's address to the 2018 ICSOM Conference (with slides in separate file)
Slides accompanying President's Address


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New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Opening Night, 2012-13 Season