Senza Sordino: 1969

Volume 7, #2 - January 1969
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Senza Sordino Salutes Buffalo Musicians Summer Program in Core Area
Wage Chart 1968-69
Baltimore Orchestra Settles: Final Year 38 Weeks at $210
What is ICSOM and How Did It Come Into Being?

Volume 7, #3 - April 1969
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ICSOM Advises AFM - recording contract
San Antonio Problems Continue
Honolulu Dismisses 28 From Positions
Violinist and Reviewer Suggest Resumption of Musical Olympics
All About Arbitration - cases in Detroit, San Francisco, Baltimore, Denver, Minneapolis,
Kansas City
Treasurer's Report
More From Honolulu Symphony
Rochester Rejects Contract
Letters - help for black musicians, Chicago on tape, letter from Australia
Reviews - "String Music in Print," Fortune Magazine on orchestra management
Symps First-Round Pick Is Noted Slider ­ Cincinnati drafts new trombonist

Volume 8, #1 - September 1969
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ICSOM Holds Ninth Annual Meeting:
AFM Conference Status Gained ­ contract disputes, Sipser progress report, resolution
supports San Antonio musicians, regional Vice-chairmen proposed, George Zazofsky resigns, ICSOM Board elections
Australian Orchestras Must Cooperate - from Down Under
On Participation - "The Teachers Strike," by Martin Mayer
Treasurer's Report
Letter from Cleveland Orchestra Committee
Government Subsidies Necessary
How Some Unionists Cope
Editor's Desk: Constructive Comment, Permanence vs. Crisis, Musician's Influence
Nancy Hanks New Arts Council Chairman
ICSOM Welcomes AFM Workshop
Washington Review: Appointments, Appropriations, Lobbying / Tax Reform, More Music Money
Bylaws Amendments
News Notes

Volume 8, #2 - October 1969
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Message from Chairman Sam Denov
Orchestras in Negotiation - Metropolitan Opera, Kansas City, National Symphony Postpones Opener, Rochester Philharmonic in Fifth Week of Lockout, New York City Ballet Plays Joffrey,
Buffalo Orchestra Starts Season, San Francisco Receives First Written Offer, Los Angeles Continues Negotiations, Seattle Settles, Portland Reaches Agreement
Treasurer's Report
Personnel Managers Meet
AFM Appoints Symphony Assistant - Ted Dreher
Pittsburgh Proposes Stop to Foreign Orchestra Residence in U.S.
Pedal-Operated Metronome
No Bones About it - bones found during renovation of Music Hall in Cincinnati
Union Organization in Bulgaria
Canada Cash - Council for the Arts awards
News Notes

Volume 8, #3 - December, 1969
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Rochester Wins $50 First Year, Five Week Lockout Ends
Union Board Extends Resources, Local President Pledges His Salary
First Time in Labor?
Local Stands Behind Players
AFM Cooperates
Chairman's Message
Letter from Laurance Fader - need for strike fund
Arbitration over Radio Fee
Musicians and Vietnam - musicians support, oppose war
Report on Denver Contract; Up $35 in Two Years, Union Backs Strong Members
Los Angeles Tries Questionnaire, Reports Contract Gains, Tired of Lockouts / New Approach, Tours Improved, Money Package Last
Tax Break Idea - Irish Republic offers tax exemption for original, creative work in the arts.

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra