Senza Sordino: 1982

Volume 20, #2 - January 1982
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A case for fairness
Major contractual breakthroughs made by Louisville Orchestra
Full spectrum lighting urged by researchers
Rochester inks one-year pact
San Antonio handles lockout, signs three year contract

Volume 20, Supplement - Spring 1982
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A Study in Unity: For Baltimore, A Future At Last - musicians triumph after sixteen week lockout

Volume 20, #3 - April 1982
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Ralph Mendelson Memorial Prize Activated
Call for Research Assistants
Weather Plays Havoc with Atlanta Schedule
Please! No Knitting on Stage - seven pregnant musicians with Detroit Symphony at Carnegie
The Professional Problems of Orchestra Women
1981-82 Symphony Wage Chart
An Equal Opportunity Employer - humorous help-wanted
1982-83 Symphony Wage Chart
Florida Symphony Musicians Ratify Two-Year Pact
From the Editor's Desk - discussing history of Senza

Volume 20, #4 - May 1982
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1982 Appropriations to NEA Cut
Read It and Weep Department - military bands funding up
Biting the Bullet - Kansas City resumes, San Diego summer season canceled, new one year contract signed
Donahue Show Slurs Musicians
Letter From San Francisco local President to Baltimore
Denov Reports on Lawsuit - against AFM
Rochester Orchestra Members Win Six Local 66 Posts
Mutual Fund TRSP Explained
Wage Chart Correction
From the Editor's Desk - Shaw bids farewell to Senza

Volume 20, #5 - July 1982
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A Cure For Stage Fright? - discussion of beta blockers
Adrian Gnam New NEA Music Program Director
Correction - to Article on 1982 NEA appropriation cut
Houston Agreement Includes Innovations - new benefits
Tom Combines Pauken and Talkin' - Indianapolis timpanist broadcasts AAA baseball
It Could Eliminate Latecomers - time and motion study
Letter - from North Carolina committee to ICSOM treasurer
Los Angeles Hosts 1982 ICSOM Conference
LA Orchestra Given Vacation Option Abroad - after tour

Volume 20, #6 - October 1982
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The Strike Fund
Death Takes Gifted Calvin Simmons
The 1982 ICSOM Conference
National Symphony Takes Wage Freeze
San Francisco Signs Three Year Agreement In March

Volume 21, #1 - November 1982
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What Is ICSOM? - a history
ICSOM Treasurer Palanchian Seeks Union Office
Milestone - Berlin hires woman musician
Lewis Waldeck Named ICSOM National Director of Legislative Action
Utah Musicians Ratify One-Year Pact
Bravo, Henry, and Thanks - tribute to Henry Shaw
Report Indianapolis Symphony Settlement
New NPR Agreement
Well Said! - Toledo musician praises ICSOM
Milwaukee Musicians Agree to Concessions

Volume 21, #2 - December 1982
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Major Settlements
Chicago Symphony Contract Reached after 3-Week Strike
New York Philharmonic Tries New Approach in Negotiations
Ralph Mendelson Memorial Prize Awarded - to Mark Volpe
A New Computerized Conductor Evaluation Form
An Important Reminder - ICSOM dues deadline

Cleveland Orchestra

Violist Richard Waugh