Senza Sordino: 1978

Volume 16, #3 - February 1978
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Sounds from the Potomac - bassist serves on NEA panel
Broadcasters Hiding Profits?
On the Passing of Hal Davis
1977-78 Symphony Wage Chart
New Orleans Again Strikeless
Treacherous Weather KO's Midwest and Eastern Concerts
Schippers Eulogy - from Cincinnati Symphony committee
The Minority Orchestral Training Program
Oakland Signs New Agreement

Volume 16, #4 - April 1978
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Our Decibel Dilemma
Letter - pacemaker restores rhythm to musician
North Carolina Unique String Rotation System Working Well
1978 ICSOM Conference on West Coast
More on Orchestral Assistance Programs: The Seattle Musicians Scholarship Program, The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestral Training Program for Minority Students
New Jersey Symphony Hit by Dismissals and Demotions
Boston Plays and Talks: Signs Three Year Pact

Volume 16, #5 - June 1978
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Grant Park Gets New Shell: ICSOM Orchestras Lend a Hand
Music Assistance Fund Orchestral Fellowships Update
Phoenix Ratifies New Three Year Agreement
San Diego ICSOM Conference Agenda Set
Looking at Ourselves in San Diego
Symphony Playing Stressful Job, Says National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Team - ranked fifth most stressful in a list of 130 occupations
ICSOM Conference to Host Pension Plan Seminar
The Musician at 65: Will Fairness Prevail?

Volume 16, #6 - August 1978
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Los Angeles Signs Three Year Pact
President Fuentealba to Address ICSOM Conference
Letters from former member of Buffalo Philharmonic, member of military band regarding noise levels
Neville Marriner Named Music Director of Minnesota Orchestra
Wanted: The Ideal Reader - article by critic
Letter from the Editor - the state of Senza Sordino
Honolulu Signs for Two Years
Denver Musician Elected to Orchestra Board
What's Happening Department

Volume 17, #1 - October 1978
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The "Minority" Musician: An ICSOM Committee Report
New ICSOM Officers Elected
San Diego Hosts ICSOM Conference
Vic Fuentealba Addresses Conference
The Special Session Clause
Pittsburgh Reaches Agreement
Philadelphia's New Contract Nets Largest Increase over Three Years
Lost and Found Department - request for back issues
What's Happening Department

Volume 17, #2 - December 1978
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The National Symphony Orchestra Strike -Rostropovich walks picket line with musicians, offers to play strike fund benefit concerts
Boston Testing New Variation in String Section Rotation
Wanted: Info on Acoustical Firms
Detroit Plays, Talks and Signs
San Antonio Symphony Wins Gains
Measurement of Noisiness According to Loudness of Sound and Level of Concentration - jobs requiring high levels of concentration increase impact of noise levels
Baltimore Inks Three Year Contract
Changing the Way of Changing - ratification of bylaws change regarding bylaws changes
NEA Challenge Grants Awarded

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra