Senza Sordino: 1983

Volume 21, #3 - February 1983
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Drama, Tension Characterize Syracuse Negotiations
Legislative Action Report
ICSOM Committees Study Auditions, Condition of Printed Music
Congratulations! - to Palanchian and Waldeck on new posts
A Step in the Right Direction - dues go down in Louisville
1982-83 Symphony Wage Chart
Florida Symphony Musicians Ratify Two-Year Pact
From the Editor's Desk - twenty years of Senza Sordino

Volume 21, #4 - April 1983
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Nine Days in December: Strike and Settlement in Detroit
Life in the Symphony Department: A Report to the ICSOM Orchestras
Zenone Leads Workshop in Indianapolis
A Taxing Problem - ICSOM fights home studio case
British Study Confirms NIHL Danger - report on British study on hearing loss in orchestra musicians
Dialog - ICSOM Executive Committee Meets with Managers
Palanchian Resigns: Burrell Appointed
ICSOM's Media Committee

Volume 21, #5 - June 1983
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The Argument for Taped Auditions
ICSOM and IVASI - ICSOM does not endorse service
What ICSOM Means to Louisville
A Recommendation - review of Auditions are Just the Beginning, published by Association of Canadian Orchestras
Baltimore Hosts ICSOM Annual Conference
ICSOM Conference in Focus - message from ICSOM Chair Fred Zenone
A Model for Others - ICSOM cited in "Union Democracy Review"
Legislative Action Report
In the Cause of Peace - musicians perform concerts dedicated to peace

Volume 21, #6 - August 1983
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Collaboration Pays Off: Denver Settles Early
From the Editor's Desk - artistic advisory committees and ICSOM conductor evaluations
Ratification, Reimbursement Resolutions Adopted by AFM
ICSOM Officers Meet with Major Managers, Serve on Panel
Chicago Lyric Opera Settlement
US Musicians in Canadian Orchestras

Volume 22, #1 - October 1983
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Delegates Convene in Baltimore: 1983 ICSOM Conference Focuses on Financial and Artistic Matters
We Remember George Zazofsky - ICSOM's first chairman
New ICSOM Kits Presented to Delegates
Tax Case Victory!
Senza Sordino to Go to Unions, Managements
Officers Elected at Conference

Volume 22, #2 - December 1983
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A New Vision for the Met and its Orchestra
Settlement Summaries
Tax Case Update
Where Does All the Money Go?: Treasurer's Report

Dallas Symphony Orchestra